Thinking About Getting Student Loans – Very Bad Idea!!

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Watch This Video: Default – The Student Loan Documentary

So many of us fall into the trap of getting student loans to pay for college. Not knowing the consequences of our actions until it’s too late. For a young aspiring college bound student, college is all that matters and they’ll do what ever it takes to go to school, even if it means getting predatory student loans. I believe that all student loans should be avoided, this includes  federal loans( like direct loans and direct parent plus loans) as well as  private loans (like Sallie Mae and Citibank Loans) Be smart, find a free school to attend if you can’t afford to pay for one. Find alternatives to student loans, i.e. scholarships and grants. Trust me, student loan debt will make your life miserable. I know this from personal experience and from many friends and family members who have made the mistake of either borrowing student loans or cosigning for a student loan. You should seriously consider all your options for getting a free education before opting to take out student loans; a debt that could stay with you many years after you graduate.

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