The 50 Years (English Edition) par mark Auger

The 50 Years (English Edition) par mark Auger

Titre de livre: The 50 Years (English Edition)

Auteur: mark Auger

Broché: 219 pages

Date de sortie: November 16, 2018

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mark Auger avec The 50 Years (English Edition)

“A howl, a chill, an everlasting pit. Inside my stomach, I ache for a life I’ve missed. To hold her, to breathe her, to lay my eyes on hers and kiss her. It’s all that I've dreamed since I awoke so old. From the 50 years that held my soul"
It's been 50 years since Eric opened his eyes. Now, in this new world, he must figure out how he ended up in his coma. But the answers he seeks to find lay entangled within a world of hellish nightmares, special abilities and a Fifteen-year-old girl with a secret of her own. Who is the man in the shadows? and how is it all connected?