The Best Scholarship Mobile App Is…

So it’s that time now.  College applications, multiple visits to the guidance counselor’s office.  Mom nagging you about getting in your scholarship applications, SATs, ACTs, ETC, ETC, ETC.

I know its overwhelming and as you go through the process of applying to college, it’s always a good idea to work smart.

To help you work smart  I’ve come up with a list  of the top four(4) scholarship apps and  what I consider the best scholarship app you can download to help you find scholarships for the next phase of your life… going to college.

And the best scholarship mobile app is…..

1st Place – SAIL Simple Scholarship Search App  

Full disclosure.  SAIL was created by me 🙂  Yes I know what you’re thinking – the nerve of best scholarship appthis guy, putting his app on top of the list…talk about self serving.  Though that may be true on so  many levels, I stand by my word in saying that I believe it’s the best app out there   when searching for scholarships.  Here’s the reasons why I’ve chosen SAIL as the Best Scholarship App:

  • Very simple to navigate
  • Easy to use
  • Find Scholarships based on Student Profile
  • Includes specific college scholarships as part of the search results.
  • Students can choose to send individual scholarships to their email which includes the full description and links to the scholarships or the can select to view additional information about the scholarships online, including application and additional scholarship requirements.
  • Students can add scholarships they are interested in to a list (called the Scholarship Planner) and get a total of the scholarships they’ve add.  This list of scholarships are then used to give the student an estimated cost of attendance based on the college they choose to attend.
  • Scholarship planner also list the cost of attendance for the college the student chooses to attend which includes tuition, fees, books and room and board for a four year degree.
  • Students can send the entire scholarship planner to themselves to help them plan their scholarship hunt.
  • Get It Google Play >           Download Apple App Store >

2nd Place – Scholly Scholarship Search

The Scholly app is also a very good app.  Its quick and gives you the scholarships you’re

scholly scholarship search app

looking for with just a few taps of your mobile device:

  • Navigation is intuitive and the app is pretty responsive
  • Scholly provides college scholarships based on the student profiles
  • Scholly allows you to save scholarships you like for later review
  • Students can choose to add scholarships to their iPhone or android calenders
  • A summary of the scholarship is listed upon selection with the option to view the website for more information.
  • There is a simple listing of Essays for students to review, including essays on Community Service, Goals, Knowledge, Leadership and Strongest Subject.

3rd Place – ScholarshipAdvisor App 

This app was recently updated, as the previous version was constantly crashing.  Here are ScholarshipAdvisor noteworthy features:

  • UI is very clean (black and white with a tint of brick red to be exact)scholarship advisor scholarship app
  • Scholarships in the app can be viewed in many ways. Students can select to see scholarships for only Academic, Adult learners, Religious, Corporate, Grad Students, health Careers, Independence Day, Jewish Scholarships, Single Parent, Military, etc…
  • Students can view scholarships by amount and can bookmark the scholarships they find interesting.
  • Additional tools include scholarship news, a scholarship search (which requires the student to register) and Featured scholarships
  • Students can also email or tweet scholarships they are interested in.
  • In addition to the scholarship summaries, ScholarshipAdvisor also profiles a full list of requirements on the app itself.


4th Place – Mobile App

This is probably one of the oldest sites around for scholarships. The have also just updated this app in the app store.  Here are noteworthy features:

  • To view scholarships you have to sign in with your email and password, which is scholarship dot com mobile search appalready to much work. They require your school year and date of birth.  I’m already turned off.
  • They are a multitude of Google ads on the app… Seriously?
  • mobile app allows students to search for college with the college search option which provides a list featuring tuition fees, admission percentages, SAT requirements, Graduation rates and Degrees Conferred
  • With so much going on with this app, it becomes a bit confusing to navigate.
  • it’s appears as though mobile is simple web… Just too much information if you’re only looking for scholarships

So there you have it.  My list of the 4 best scholarship app currently available for the iPhone and android mobile phones or tablets.

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