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6 thoughts on “TS – Sail Support

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking about going back and getting my masters degree and then potentially a doctorate. Are the scholarships on this app based only towards students in high school getting a bachelors degree? I still have student loan debt from my bachelors degree, but want to continue my education.


    • Hi Leta,

      Thank you for the question. Yes the App does provide the option to search for scholarships geared toward Graduate Studies, however currently most scholarships in the database are catered to high school and college undergrads. As we continue to update the database more graduate studies scholarships will be added.

      Sail Support

  2. What about scholarships for an unemployed, stay-at-home mom who does have a BA degree but wants to go to a two year tech school to get an associate degree. The tech school offers no financial aid for her because she has a degree, so the only option appears to be a student loan.She’d prefer financial assistance rather than a loan. Can your app help with this? Thank you.

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